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Wireless Home Security Camera Systems Spy Camera CCTV Surveillance Camera Investigation equipments
Bookmark Wholesale Manufacturer security cameras wireless 3G spy camera mini DVR surveillance equipments in China factory, Professional spy security and investigation equipments
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Wholesale Home Security Systems Spy Camera CCTV Surveillance Camera Investigation equipments
Since 1994 Ajoka is the manufacturer and distributor of home security surveillance camera systems CCTV wireless camera Micro Surveillance equipments 3G Spy Camera in our China factory. Visit our Spy Shop for wholesale prices or contact our Sales, we offer real Spy Gadgets and Professional Spy Hidden Cameras Mini DVR and police Investigation equipments for law enforcements and VIP or personal security, Our pinhole Mini Cameras and Pocket DVR 3G hidden Camera PCB Board can hide in any where near you in watch, Pen, clock, books, etc for real time Audio Video Recording and transmitter for real time evidence collection. Ajoka 3G Hidden Camera and 3g Camera Board and other spy Products factory is in China and our export office is in Hong Kong. welcome to visit us.
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3G SPY camera   3G Spy Camera PCB Board   3G Tablet PC   Smallest 3G Spy Camera
 3G Spy Camera   3G Camera Module   3G Tablet PC   3G Modem
3G Hidden Camera wireless 3G spy cameras to see your Home or office or Car from anywhere in the world on your Cell Phone   3G Spy Camera Module to built your own 3G Hidden Camera, See Live Video from anywhere in the world on your mobile Phone MID PC ..   3g Tablet PC Android 2.3 - 4.0 Video Call Tablet Computer, Phone Call Tablet PC. See our 3G Spy Camera on this 3G MID Tablet PC.   3G USB Modem 3G Modem WCDMA 3G Video Call Modem 3G Voice call USB Router 3G telephone Call Modem 3G Data Modem for Computer or Tablet
3G Surveillance Camera   3G Blue tooth   Smallest Transmitter   Mini DVR Board
3G Surveillance Camera     3G Bluetooth Head Set   Micro Audio Video Transmitter / Receiver   New Product Development
3g Surveillance Camera 3G Security Camera Unlimited Wireless audio video transmitter on Mobile phone from anywhere in the world for office or Home security   3g blue tooth for 3G Tablet PC to make telephone call from your Mid Computers. bluetooth hands free call system for your Tablet PC or 3G phones.   Worlds Smallest 2.4Ghz Transmitter Receiver Mini Audio Video Transmitter Receiver for surveillance Spy and Security   Smallest DVR HD Quality Movie Recording and High quality Photos. Install it in anywhere near you like clock, radio ...
China 3G Camera   Flashlight Camera   Smallest Camera Board    Slimmest Pen DVR
3G Mobile Phone   Flashlight Camera   Smallest inspection Camera w/ Night Vision   Slimmest Pen Camera
3g Mobile Phone with Android 2.3 duel sim WCDMA Video Call, Can see our 3G Spy Camera from anywhere in the world on this cell phone...   Every Home Need
Flashlight Video Recorder. This Flash light has a built in hidden camera can record voice and video for evidence
  Smallest Night Vision Camera for baroscope or Hidden Cam Inspection Camera hide it in anything near you and make your own Spy Cam   Professional Pen DVR with HD Video
16 GB, Real Time AV Recording with date and time stamp
Lighter Camera
Lighter DVR Camera

Hidden Digital Video Recorder
with Micro Camera

Watch Camera
Watch DVR Camera

A Spy Camera Hidden DVR
inside a Functional Watch

GSM Voice Transmitter
GSM Voice Transmitter

Spy Phone GSM Voice
Transmitter cell phone

Button Camera
Button Camera

Button Camera Mini DVR with
Remote Control pinhole camera

Sunglasses Camera
Sunglasses DVR Cam

Cool Sunglasses Video
Camera for Spy Kids

Obaba Buckle Camera
Obama Buckle Camera

Casual Belt Buckle
Micro Camera and DVR

Inspection Camera
Inspection Camera

Inspection Camera AJ-8802
Spy Wireless Snake Camer

Spy Camera
Charger DVR Camera

Normal Electric Charger
 Hidden Video Recorder

Mini Video Memo
Mini Video Memo

Digital Mini Video Memo
Short Message Recorder

Wireless Security Camera
Wireless Camera

Wireless Security Camera
 2.4 G Wireless Receiver

Professional night vision Surveillance Camera
Night Vision Camera

Security Camera Systems for
Home and factory Observation

2.4G Long Range Transmitter and Receiver
Transmitter Receiver

Long range video wireless
transmitter receiver set

Professional Micro Surveillance Solutions
Ajoka is the manufacturer of professional Spy Camera and Security Camera Systems Wholesale Hidden Camera CCTV Surveillance System in Hong Kong China for Home office and Police or private detective investigator. Spy tools Hidden Digital Camera Professional investigation equipments Mini Pen Camera wireless Hidden Nanny cam wall clock camera teddy bear hidden PenCam Spy Sunglasses Camera or rare view sunglasses, Please Visit Our Spy Shop for spy pen Button Camera screw camera snake camera all of them our new innovative items Spy Cam OEM ODM production available upon request with a minimum quantity Surveillance camera Recorder DVR and CCD Wireless Camera Mini DVR Security system CCTV Weatherproof Camera. Bullet proof car armored car vest for Rich People Many more made in China Electronic Gadgets. New electronics Real Spy Gadgets like Flashlight DVR cheapest wholesale factory prices which can offer you great profit margin for resell or retail in your market. Police Gear Products for Lawmate Spy Cam and Officer Cam for police Supply. We also offer Drop Ship for you to anywhere in the world direct from our China factory.
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3G Spy Camera

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Ajoka CE & FCC Cirtificate
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Using surveillance devices, intercepting and / or recording audio conversations etc without the consent of all the parties involved may be illegal in your country. Ajoka products are not intended to be used for such activities. We strongly advise that you check your local laws before purchasing our products!
We strongly oppose immoral and illegal activities with our products.
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