Buckle DVR
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Buckle DVR Buckle Camera Buckle cam Belt Buckle Video Recorder
Bookmark Buckle DVR a ordinary looking belt buckle is a micro video recorder with high quality audio video recording. Buckle DVR can record 33 hour of audio video in 1 GB by Ajoka

Buckle DVR ( AJ-DVB01 )
Buckle DVR very new and only one in the market and that is by Ajoka.
Ajoka is Proud to offer the new product of Buckle DVR with built in Micro camera and sound.
A Normal looking belt buckle is a high quality Audio Video recorder.
Buckle DVR with built in Micro Camera and high quality voice recording.
Date time stamping with 8Gb large memory
Buckle DVR
Buckle DVR
Buckle DVR
  Obaba DVR
Obaba DVR     Obaba DVR
Buckle DVR(AJ-DVB01) Obaba DVR(AJ-DVB02)
Our Buckle DVR gives you the ability to perform personal investigation, conduct secret video surveillance or for any ideal covert operation where gathering evidence is important. Ideal for hidden camera use where wireless camera can be detected easily with a wireless camera detector.

Buckle DVR User Manual

Dimension: 2.54" (H) * 1.47" (W) * 0.60" (D)
Tiny size makes it ideal for a variety of uses.
It’s great for use as a hidden cam, spy cam etc.
Real time recording in AVI video format (640x480 ,QVGA)
Color video with voice lets you clearly see who’s there & hear what they say.
There’s no long cord for you to hide or Wireless frequency to detect.
Use micro SD card from 128MB to 8GB ( Not included)
Playback video on cell phone or PC

Camera Technical Parameter
Video Compression︰ AVI video format, 640x480 ,QVGA / 30fps
Voice Recording: High quality digital voice recording.
Internal Memory︰ No
Micro SD card / T-Flash card support︰ 128MB to 8GB ( Not included)
Recording Mode︰ Continuous recording until memory is full or manually turn off
Video File Size︰ >500KB per minute

Adaptor Type︰ USB adaptor Plus charging cable ( Computer USB Port Charging)
Battery Type︰ Lithium-ion
Record Time︰ Up to 2 hours battery, 8 hours can be recorded on a 8 GB micro SD card.

Main Unit: Buckle DVR (AJ-DVB01)
Belt: High Quality Belt
Manual: User manual In different languages
Accessories: 110-240 V USB wall Charger with 4 kinds of charging head for diffrent country plus USB Cable.

Memory Parameters
Micro SD / T-Flash card support: 128 MB to 8 GB
Video file size : > 500 KB per minute
Internal Memory : NO

Charging Parameter
Adaptor Type: USB adaptor ( Included) or charge with the USB cable on your computer
Battery Type: Lithium-Lion (Built In)

This Buckle DVR has no internal memory, and does not come with a Micro SD/T-Flash card.
Please insert a Micro SD/T-Flash card before recording.
Manufacturer and Origin: China / Hong Kong
No Minimum Order Quantity.
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Buckle DVR
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