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Micro Surveillance Solutions
Bookmark Spycam spy cam spy camera Supper mini size and CCD security cameras from our china factory at wholesale prices
Ajoka Micro Surveillance Solutions


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Flashlight Camera
Flashlight Camera

Every Home Need
Flashlight Video Recorder

Button Camera
Button Camera

Button Camera Mini DVR with
Remote Control pinhole camera

GSM Voice Transmitter
GSM Voice Transmitter

Spy Phone GSM Voice
Transmitter cell phone


Professional Pen Camera
Micro DVR Record 8 Hr. Video

Lighter Camera
Lighter DVR

Hidden Digital Video Recorder
with Micro Camera

Watch Camera
Watch DVR

A Spy Camera Hidden DVR
inside a Functional Watch

Inspection Camera
Inspection Camera

Inspection Camera AJ-8802
Spy Wireless Snake Camera

MP3 Spy Cam
MP3 Spy Cam

Spy camera Mp3 plus
hidden camera Mini Video cam

Sunglasses DVR
Sunglasses DVR

Cool Sunglasses Video
Camera for Spy Kids

Obaba DVR
Obaba DVR

Casual Belt Buckle
Micro Camera and DVR

Buckle DVR
Buckle DVR

Fashionable Belt buckle
 Hidden Spy Cam

Badge DVR
 Badge DVR

Digital ID Card Badge
Hidden Camera and DVR

Thumb Camera
Thumb Camera

Thumb Size Real Spy Cam
 Built in Mini Camcorder

Charger DVR
Charger DVR

Normal Electric Charger
 Hidden Video Recorder

Safety Suitcase
Safety Suitcase

Safety suitcase with
high voltage electric shock

Alarm Clock DVR Camera
Clock DVR

Timer Clock Night Vision
Motion Detection Camera DVR

Officer Cam
Officer Cam( AJ-024OC)

Police Officer Investigation
Camera During Duty

Road Cam
Road Cam (AJ-025RD)

Road accident Recorder
Taxi Camera for insurance

Wireless Camera
Wireless Camera

Wireless Security Camera
 2.4 G Wireless Receiver

Spy Cam

Smallest Wireless Spy
Camera available

Voice Recorder Watch
Voice Recorder Watch

Voice Recording Watch
MP3 watch voice recorder

Wireless Transmitter Receiver
Long Range Transmitter

2.4 ghz AV
Transmitter Receiver

Professional night vision Surveillance Camera
Night Vision Camera

Security Camera Systems for
Home and factory Observation

Car Rear View Camera
Car Rear view Camera

Car Rear view Camera
Car Reverse Camera System

Spy Sunglasses
Spy Sunglasses

Spy rare view sunglasses
are great for gift

Knife Pen
Knife Pen

Multifunction pen
for self protection

Fiberoptic Scope
Fiber Opitc Scope

7,400 Pixel Fiberoptic Scope
with Light by Ajoka

Virtual TV Monitor
Virtual Monitor

Virtual Display
Head set GVD 300

BulletProof Car
Bulletproof Car

Armored cars
Money transporting car

Helmet Cam
Helmet Camera

Digital Video Recorder
Supports TF or SD Card Up to 8GB

Button Camera
Wireless Button Camera

Button Camera Wireless
or Wired with Mobile DVR

Wireless Table Clock Cam
Wireless Table Clock Cam

Wireless spy hidden
table clock camera

USB drive Spy Camera
Special Offer

Flashlight DVR

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